photos: Wood Stoves For Heating Home and Kitchen Cooking

Wood Stoves For Heating Home and Kitchen Cooking

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first “photo remodeling” image

wood stove

Kitchen/dinning room with wood burning stove.


  • Wood burning stove sitting upon a dark tile hearth.
  • The stove views in the pic as a decorative piece. But the stove can be used to head and for cooking.
  • Something like this would be nice in the event of something that force you to use the stove to heat.
  • Wood stove placed in the kitchen area allow for cooking if needed.
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second “photo remodeling” image

wood stove

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Kettle on the stove – just like the old times


  • The nice thing about wood stoves is that they can heat the home very nicely.
  • And while it is heating the home, why not put a kettle on the top to heat up some tea.
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third “photo remodeling” image

wood burning stove

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Stone fire hearth with wood stove


  • You could setup your wood stove in your existing fireplace.
  • Your existing fireplace has the hearth to absorb the heat and the chimney for exhaust.
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fourth “photo remodeling” image

wood burning stove

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Standard firewood log bin


  • Your wood burning stove can also come with a small oven.
  • Become an expert in oven baking by understanding how to fire up your wood stove.
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fifth and last “photo remodeling” image

old wood burning stove

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Vintage wood stove


  • Vintage look of a wood stove before the coming of the electric range.
  • Of course, you would want to go back to the old way of cooking.
  • But what if you lose power … or if you believe in survival tactics.
  • Understanding how to heat your home and cook for your family may come in handy.
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