photos: Wooden Garden Bridge Over Small Water Stream

Wooden Garden Bridge Over Small Water Stream

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garden bridge

Wooden garden bridge in decorative garden


  • If you have a small pond, you can spill some water from the pond down a small gully
    to a pump that circulates the water back to the pond.
  • Around the gully, plant varying plants such as ferns, hosta, and other vegetated plants.
  • And then as your final touch, install a wooden garden bridge over the gully with running water.
  • You have now produced a popular Japanese landscaping design – perfect for any garden size.
  • What comments can you share?

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garden bridge

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Large bridge over pond with dam


  • This bridge may be a bit too big for your garden – more in-line with a large municipal garden.
  • But not the ornamental features of the bridge – something you can find for a smaller garden area.
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wooden garden bridge

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Simple bamboo bridge over a small stream


  • Your garden bridge could be something simple like the illustration above.
  • It doesn’t have to large – you could simply place anywhere in the garden as a decor item.
  • What comments can you share?

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fourth “photo remodeling” image

japanese garden bridge

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Large arched bridge with support beams


  • We went from something small to now something big.
  • You find these large bridges in decorated Japanese gardens.
  • What comments can you share?

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fifth and last “photo remodeling” image

bamboo garden bridge

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Ornate bamboo bridge


  • Let’s close this post with a look of a beautifully design bridge.
  • If time (and skills) permit, you can design and build you own garden bridge.
  • What comments can you share?

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