photos: Are You Becoming A Vampire (for Halloween)?

Are You Becoming A Vampire (for Halloween)?

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becoming a vampire

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The legend of the vampire


  • Vampires! Probably one of the scariest ghouls of Halloween. They sleep through the day and then awake at night to feed on unsuspecting individuals. They have the power to transform into a flying bat to travel over long distances and then back into human form to prey upon victims.
  • The most frightening part about the vampire is upon feeding upon its victim, the victim can be turned into a vampire – so as the legends go – requiring them to partake in the same type of feeding to sustain their immortal hellish being.
  • So that how goes the legend – that is why the vampire is one of the favorite costumes for adults and kids during the Halloween festivities.
  • QUESTION? how much blood does a vampire need each day to survive:

    INFO: doing the calculation
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becoming a vampire

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And who is Dracula?


  • Dracula comes from Bram Stoker’s character, Dracula – a Transylvanian Count with a castle located high above a valley perched on a rock with a flowing river below in present day Romania:
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  • Dracula is a 15th century prince – condemned to live off the blood of the living for eternity. The story begins with a land deal that sets in motion of Dracula’s nefarious travels:
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  • QUESTION? what’s in one of the best Dracula film based on Bram Stoker narrative?

    INFO: Bram Stoker’s Dracula (trailer)

    dracula costumedracula movies

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becoming a vampire

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Warding off vampires


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becoming a vampire

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Now for something that is not a legend


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becoming a vampire

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So let’s get dressed up for Halloween


  • Becoming a vampire countess or vampire count is a great adult get-up for Halloween. You can find all of the needed assessories to make you the most fearsome person at the party.
  • And for fun, pick up a few great vampire movies to watch. It will teach you the right kind of mannerisms to make you the life of the party.
  • QUESTION? how about a vampire parody

    INFO: fearless vampire killers

    vampire teethvampire nails

    What comments can you share?

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