photos: Decorative Edging Stone to Border Your Pond

Decorative Edging Stone to Border Your Pond

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pond stone

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Wanting a pond in your backyard


  • Garden ponds are the “thing” for many landscaping designs.
  • So maybe it’s time for your garden to have its own pond – something that fits nicely with our surrounding landscape.
  • For starters, you need to dig a hole deep and wide enough for you pond dimensions and liner.
  • Next you need to border your pond with some decorative rock – making it look like a natural setting that you would find in any woods or forest.
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pond stone

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How about adding a pond waterfall?


  • That would be perfect for both water sound and filteration.
  • Rocks would be the perfect, natural look that would give you the varyting styles of waterfalls.
  • Consider building an artifical rock mountain with surrounding shrubs and trees with a water pump at top cirulating the water flow:
    INFO: epic 150-foot and stream and waterfall
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pond stone

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Adding rock vegetation


  • Note how to position your rock formation to allow for vegetation growth between rocks and layers.
  • The vegetation may include ferns, hostas, varying low-level shrubs and other water-loving plants.
  • The idea is to make your pond as natural looking as it can get.
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pond stone

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Forming rock islands


  • Rocks and other pond stone are perfect elements to form pond islands.
  • These islands can be support structures for water plants and other vegetation for filteration:
    INFO: DIY floating bio-filter garden
  • They could also function as a sunny space for turtles.
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pond stone

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The pond could be part the your rock garden


  • Think of your pond as part of your rock garden.
  • Nice decorative rock with growing vegetation – and next to it, your personal backyard pond.
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