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ideas: Got To Get the Potato Harvest Done

Got To Get the Potato Harvest Done

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  • It is a dusty time at the moment in parts of Idaho and Washington - two of the largest states in potato production.

    You know what that means with this harvest - delicious potato dishes, french fries, potato chips and much more.

first “photo remodeling” image

potato harvest

copyright image by Pixabay

The old man potato


  • Potatoes – one of the greatest side foods every produced. It is associated with a lot of tasty items that include the buttered bake potato – potato salad – french fries – potato chips, and more.
  • You can bake them – fry them – boil them – cook them – and saute them – cook them anyway you like to serve a nice addition to any meal.
  • So what is the potato – is it a vegetable or something else? Technically, it is a vegetable. The plant has leaves that flowers with a stem and roots that sink deep into the ground.
  • It is on that stem and roots from which the potato is grown:
    INFO: growing potatoes from planting to harvest
  • QUESTION? so where did the potato come from – actually from Peru:

    INFO: potato fun facts
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second “photo remodeling” image

potato harvest

copyright image by Pixabay

Time for the potato harvest


  • Late September and early October are the months when the potato harvest begins and ends – rows upon rows of potato plants attached to potato stems growing deep into the ground.
  • Large potato combines move down the rows to dig up the potatoes that get separated from the plant.
  • And once they are harvested from the field, the potatoes are stored in climate controlled cellars awaiting to be sold that we evenutally find in our grocery store.
  • QUESTION? what is the full list of potato dishes?

    INFO: list of potato dishes

    potato bakerpotato peeler

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IMAGES: potato harvest (new win)
YOUTUBE: Idaho potato harvest (new win)

third “photo remodeling” image

potato harvest

copyright image by Pixabay

Potato food facts


  • Potatoes have become an important food source that they are grown throughout the world. China is the largest world producer followed by the Russia Federation. The US is the fourth largest producer – the largest states are Idaho, Washington, and Wisconsin.
  • What makes the potato an important crop for its storage capability and nutrition. First storage: potatoes can last a long time within cool storage conditions. That makes it a great food source for many consumers especially during the winter months.
  • Second: it has great nutritional value – one of the most nutritional crops that makes it an important part of the family diet:
    INFO: about potato nutrition
  • QUESTION? what about storing potatoes:

    INFO: 5 steps to storing potatoes for winter

    potato storage bagspotato bins

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fourth “photo remodeling” image

potato harvest

copyright image by Pixabay

Now we talking a favorite


  • You can find tons of potato dishes – these include potato salad – potato au gratin – potato soup – and much much more. But the overall favorite is the potato french fry. It goes perfectly with a hamburger or with any meal.
  • The french fry (along with the potato chip) come from a special kind of potato that is very starching. That is what gives the texture it needs to fry into a crisp stick or chip:
    INFO: type potato you need to know
  • QUESTION? where did the french fry come from

    INFO: who invented fries?

    french fry cutterfrench fry fryer

    What comments can you share?

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fifth and last “photo remodeling” image

potato harvest

copyright image by Pixabay

Pass the chips


  • Can you guess how many chips are consumed in the United States – approximately 100 lbs of potatoes each year per person. It is American’s #1 snack.
  • Now who are the largest producers of potato chips – Frito Lay (division of Pepsi) is by far the largest producer:
    INFO: best brand chip maker
  • And what does Frito Lay make: take a look at their brands:
    INFO: Fritolay brands
  • QUESTION? where did the chip come from?

    INFO: story of the invention of the potato chip
    What comments can you share?

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