ideas: On Windy Days – How to Enjoy, Harness and Protect

On Windy Days – How to Enjoy, Harness and Protect

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  • Wind - it is a necessity of life on earth. It's the winds that control the movements of weather for life-sustaining needs.

    But sometimes in many areas, the winds just keep blowing. So what to do?

    You can enjoy it by having some wind fun. Harness it to generate electricity. Understand it to protect you home and family.

    Let's see what you can do on windy days.

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windy days

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It’s going to be windy again


  • In some parts of the world, the winds just come and go. Currently as this post is being published, everything is still as it can be on the outside. Not a breeze or movement anywhere. But the weather forecast calls for more winds in the days to come.
  • In other parts of the world, the winds seem to be more constant – especially near coastlines and higher elevations. The wind just seems to blow every day.
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  • So what can you do on windy days? In other words, how can you enjoy, harness and protect against those constant winds? So instead of fretting about it, why not enjoy it?
  • For starters, go ahead and fly a kite. It’s one activity where you can learn about wind movements and kite aeronautics. Another wind enoyment is hanging up a wind chime. Capture the sound of wind as it moves the chime around.
  • FIND: professional kites
    FIND: wind chimes
    understanding all about wind

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windy days

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Let’s go surfing


  • Coastal regions generally have a lot of wind blowing in from the sea to the land. Those winds can produce some pretty nice waves that can be harnessed for some great fun.
  • Use those windy days to board or wind surf. Even some inward lake regions produce wind where a kayak sail can be used to explore the lake and perhaps do some fishing.
  • Surfing is one way you can enjoy – and even welcome – those windy days.
    How are waves formed?
  • surfing boardwindsurfing sailkayak wind sail

       some wind recreation ideas to consider      

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windy days

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Now that is daring!


  • Surfers may have those big waves alone the coastlines, but for those who live inland among the mountain ranges, hang gliding is probably more adventurous and daring. You don’t necessarily need the winds to hang glide, but you need to understand how to use the winds or air movements to carry you far and return safely.
  • The key is understanding lift – when pockets of warm air rises from a hot surface such as a rocky hillside. That thermal lift propels you high enough to glide until you find another thermal lift to keep you afloat.
    Hang gliding: A beginner’s guide
    How Paragliding Works
  • find hang gliders

       some hang gliding ideas to consider      

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windy days

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Why not harness it?


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windy days

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Preparing for windy storms


INFO: best wind blocking trees (new win)
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