photos: There is a Tornado Storm Warning – What’s Next

There is a Tornado Storm Warning – What’s Next

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Here is comes …


  • Tornadoes – one of the deadliest storm systems that can strike suddenly with devastating effects.
  • All it takes is the right weather conditions – both warm and cooler temperatures – to spawn a tornado:
    INFO: tornado facts and information
  • Fortunately, there are advanced monitoring systems that can signal the warning of a pending tornado:
    INFO: tornado watch vs. warning
  • With these forewarnings, you need to seek shelter quickly within your home to protect against flying debris and collapsing structures.
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tornado season

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Watching a tornado form


  • So what do you do if a tornado starts to form?
  • In many mid-western homes, they may have a storm cellar that is designed for these deadly storms.
  • It’s a cellar in the ground – away from the home – where family members seek shelter:
    INFO: tour underground shelter
  • For those who don’t have a cellar, find a windowless inner room in the middle of the home:
    INFO: what to do in tornado
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tornado season

copyright image by Pixabay

Storm chasers


  • Many of the images you see of tornadoes are taken by storm chasers – those individuals that track and chase tornadoes.
  • Some of these chasers are weather experts documenting and tracking tornado behavior – this information can be used to prepare better for forecasting tornadoes and their movement.
  • And then there are others who chase storms to ????: INFO: how to be a storm chaser
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tornado season

copyright image by Pixabay

How much damage?


  • Tornatoes are measured by the intensity of the winds by using the Fujita Scale, developed by Dr. Theodore Fujita. The Joplin, Missouri tornado of May, 2011 was measured at EF5:
    INFO: devastating Joplin, Missouri EF-5 tornado
  • EF0: light damage  |  65-85 mph (105-137 km/h)
  • EF1: moderate damage  |  86-110 mph (138-178 km/h)
  • EF2: considerable damage  |  111-135 mph (179-218 km/h)
  • EF3: severe damage  |  136-165 mph (219-266 km/h)
  • EF4: devasting damage  |  166-200 mph (267-322 km/h)
  • EF5: incredible damage  |  over 200 mph (over 322 km/h)

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tornado season

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And now the damage


  • The visual effect of a tornado.
  • What was once a house has been completely destroyed within minutes.
  • Estimated to be approximately $10+ billion in damage each year in the US from tornado activity.
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