ideas: Hurricane is Coming – What Should You Do?

Hurricane is Coming – What Should You Do?

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hurricane storm

copyright image by Pixabay

It’s forming in the Atlantic …


  • Hurricanes – they have only one positive – that is you have time to prepare and if needed, get out of the way.
  • But hurricanes come with multiple negatives – they are the world’s most dangerous storms – they come ashore as a large storm that can wreck havoc along the coastline and inland – they spawn tornadoes when it hits dry land – and they dump a lot of rain that floods a large geographical area:
    INFO: hurricanes 101
  • Hurricanes are dangerous storms that can destroy communities and take many lives:
    INFO: why are hurricanes so dangeroug
  • But unlike tornadoes and earthquakes that are sudden, hurricanes, with the use of the technological measurements and forecasts, give you time to make preparations that can save property and loved ones.
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hurricane storm

copyright image by Pixabay

How do hurricanes form?


  • What is the difference between a hurricane and typhoon? Nothing! They are both the same weather phenomenon.
  • The only difference is where they form and are located – if in the Atlantic Ocean, they are called hurricanes – if in the Pacific, they are called typhoons. And if you are traveling in the Indian Ocean, they are referred to as cyclones.
  • In either location, they function like giant engines that use warm, moist air as fuel:
    INFO: how do hurricanes form
  • Once they form, it becomes a race for forecasters and monitors to track the storm in order to give ample warning on its potential land hit:
    INFO: flying into the eye of a hurricane
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hurricane storm

copyright image by Pixabay

It starts with storm surge


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hurricane storm

copyright image by Pixabay

Coming ashore!


  • Eventually the hurricane track can come ashore or veer offtrack. If ashore, then watch out! It all depends on the strength of the hurricane once it hits the shoreline:
    INFO: how to survive hurricane
  • Category 1: winds range from 74 to 95 mph.
  • Category 2: winds range between 96 and 110 mph
  • Category 3: winds range from 111 to 129 mph
  • Category 4: winds range from 130 to 156 mph
  • Category 5: winds are 157 mph or higher
  • Of course, the higher the category, the more dangereous the storm that causes extensive damage and death: INFO: understanding the level of damage scale | list of retired hurricane names and their damage assessment

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hurricane storm

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And now the cleanup


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