photos: photo image analysis: Using a Garden Waterfall in Your Landscaping Design

<span>photo image analysis:</span> Using a Garden Waterfall in Your Landscaping Design

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  • Imagine having a garden waterfall in the corner section of your garden landscape.

    You can create any type of foliage garden surrounding the waterfall that will be fun to create.

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garden waterfall

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What do you see in the image above?

  • Adding value to your landscape: something that may be of interest to add to your landscape – a rock waterfall with surround, decorative landscaping.
  • Enjoying the sound of running water: water trickling down a cascade of rocks is shown to add calm and positive thinking to those who listen. For some reason, being near water gives us a calm, more positive outlook:
    why water makes us feel calm
  • So what’s needed: begin with some space – preferably along a border fence or other property demarcation that can be transformed into a rock waterfall with a defined backdrop:
    • build a mound where rock can be stationed to form a mini mountain
    • dig out a section at the base of the mound that will be a pond or other water reservoir that will house the pump connected to an electrical source
    • insert tubing from the pump in the base reservoir to the mound top for the water to begin its flow
    • add rock to the mound using a slope for the water to trickle down in any style that you like
    • decorate your mound with ferns, tropical foliage, and other vegetation
    • sounds easy?! – unfortunately, it is bit more complicated. Let’s look at some detail plans:
      build backyard waterfall
  • It’a all in the rock and slope: to create that perfect waterfall, you need to make sure you use the right kind of rock positioned with the right slope. The bigger the slope, the faster and louder the water will fall. To create a soothing waterfall sound, the slope and the number of drop levels need to be just right:
    waterfall on natural slope
  • And what about vegetation: it depends on your area – you can use ferns and palm warmer, humid areas – for dry areas, you might want to include cacti and ornamental grasses:
    sample pics of backyard waterfall vegetation
Final observation:

this is a nice example of a backyard waterfall. It adds to the landscape and the overall value of the home. Something you might want to consider if you have the space.

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