photos: Popcorn Machine For The Home Theater Room

Popcorn Machine For The Home Theater Room

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popcorn machine

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It’s off to the movies …


  • Inside your personal home theater room – complete with surround sound – seating – and the big screen.
  • But there may be one thing that is missing!
  • The smell of freshly popped popcorn.
  • Not just something that comes from the microwave – but truly, fresh popped popcorn from an authentic popcorn kettle.
  • Do your remember the movie house popcorn? The author of this post grew up in a family-owned movie house. One of the first work assignments was making the movie house popcorn using a large popcorn kettle.
  • It was a 1/2 cup coconut oil – 1 cup of seed – and cap-full of popcorn salt. Each bag sold for 10 cents. Whenever a new batch was cooked up, patrons will get up from their movie seat to grab a fresh bag. It was more desired than watching the film.
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popcorn machine

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What is was in the old days


  • Wagon pulled popcorn maker.
  • Very popular in parks – carnivals – fairs – and community events.
  • It was a very good living at the time – and still is in some larger cities.
  • Today it’s a bit different Mobile patty wagons – such as the snack vans you will find on many city streets – often add popcorn to their menu mix. But most popcorn operations outside of theaters are franchise opportunities where you can find a wide array of corn flavors and types.


    popcorn cartsvintage popcorn poster

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popcorn machine

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Adding a home concession stand


  • So what may be lacking for your home theater is your personal home, concession stand.
  • Complete with an authentic popcorn popper and …
  • Maybe a soda and candy dispenser for those who deserve a great time at the movies.
  • Need to keep the popcorn kettle clean Simply wipe it out with a paper towel after 4-5 batches. Perhaps a clean water boil after multiple batches. Regular cleaning keeps the popcorn tasting good time after time.


    popcorn machinepopcorn kettle

    INFO: how to clean popcorn machine

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caramel popcorn

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There is so much more than movie popcorn


  • Your popcorn machine or kettle can be used to make caramel popcorn – salted caramel popcorn – candy popcorn – and more:
    INFO: 45 gourmet flavors
  • All you need is simple recipe and the kettle to pop your corn:
    INFO: 50 flavored popcorn recipes
  • Some of these flavors are best popped with an air popper – to give you a full corn kernel without oil or salt.
  • So what is your favorite popcorn How about caramel corn – it is a simple recipe. Just remember 3-1-1. 3 cups brown sugar – 1 cup light corn syrup – 1 stick butter. Mix and heat over medium high until soft boil. Pour over corn. Simple and delicious.


    karo light corn syrupbrown sugar

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popcorn machine

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And it is nutritous too!!!


  • The kernal itself is – that is when it is popped without any additions – such as using an air popper or other:
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  • And there are all kinds of popcorn seeds to choose from that can give you a nutrious snack in a variety of flavors and shapes:
    INFO: complete guide to types of popcorn seed
  • Find the nutrition value Air popped popcorn surprisely has some key nutritional value. That is why air popped porcorn is a great snack over other snack-type items. So pop up some corn and enjoy what it offers:
    INFO: popcorn nutrition facts
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