photos: Some Interesting Pond Landscaping Ideas

Some Interesting Pond Landscaping Ideas

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pond landscaping ideas

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Stone It!


  • Stone if the best overall landscaping material for pond formation and borders.
  • You can add river rock on the ground section of the pond.
  • These two materials are best for pond support, growth and cleaning.
  • The outside rock and pathway gives the pond the best overall look.
  • Part of the landcape The pond should become part of your landscape with pond pathways and garden beds. Adding a small rock waterfall is a nice way to enjoy the sound of rushing water.
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pond landscaping ideas

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Pond landscaping for small gardens


  • If your backyard is small, forget the grass and landscape it with a small pond and rock garden the expands the full length of the yard.
  • In this particular image, the deck (without railings) extends from the house to the rock garden pond.
  • Add to your garden varying plants to turn your backyard into a tropical oasis.
  • What can you see? The plantings include hostas – bamboo shoots – ornamental grasses – Japanese maple tree and other shrubs and small trees. Your maintenance will involve nourishing the plantings and keeping the pond filtered and clean. A nice hobby for retirees who don’t want to mess with a big yard.


    bamboo plantpatio heater

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pond landscaping ideas

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Your pond needs a waterfall


  • Make sure your pond planning includes a soft waterfall that trickles down rock formations.
  • The waterfall uses circular pump action that filters and cleans the pond water.
  • Likewise, flowing water produces a nice habitat for fish – if you choose to have them.
  • Very interesting landscape Unless your backyard has a slope, you will need to “mold” a small rock mountain (hill) that slopes gently down to the backyard grass level. The mountain rise is needed for your waterfall – so try to make it natural looking.


    pond waterfall pumppond filter with UV light

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pond landscaping ideas

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Something less “natural” looking


  • This pond is truly landscaped – with a hardscape retaining wall that borders the front and side area pond area.
  • The back of the pond is more natural looking – with rising rock to form an elevated hill.
  • This is an excellent landscape idea for a patio or entertainment area.
  • Hardscapes! Defined as landscaping using rock and stone. Patios – pools – outdoor kitchens – and this pond are great example of hardscapes. it is a bit expensive but certainly worth the value.


    wood trellis fencepond grass

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pond landscaping ideas

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Just a section


  • Finally, your pond could be a simple cut-out from a section on your patio.
  • Kind of an paradise island with beautiful greenry and colorful fish.
  • Why a pond? Because of the beauty it offers as part of your landscape or patio. You can experiment with different aquatic plants that add color. Adn with a waterfall, the flow and sound of moving water makes any backyard an inviting place to relax.
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