photos: Taking a Summer Vacation – Make Sure to Protect Your Home

Taking a Summer Vacation – Make Sure to Protect Your Home

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vacation home security

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Going on vacation – need to protect your home


  • The one fear vacationers have is leaving their home unattended – who knows, you might return from vacation finding your home burglarized:
    INFO: burglary statistics (infographic)
  • So let’s wipe those fears away by following these simple crime prevention tips to protect your home:
    INFO: crime prevention tips – burglary
  • One of the first things you need are good door locks – particularly deadbolts – make sure they are working and in order.
  • Best yet is to get a wifi deadbolts – you can unlock and lock your door with your phone – this will come in handy to allow your neighbors to check into the home.
  • Somthing you may want anyhow! Imagine having a wifi deadbolt that you can open with your phone – no more fumbling with keys. And if you don’t have your phone, a keypad/wifi allows you to use a keyboard or wifi connection to unlock the door. What comments can you share?

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vacation home security

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Keeping the lights on … and off


  • Your next line of security is wifi lighting.
  • If the lights turn on – and then off but on again – it tells would-be-burglars that someone is in the house.
  • You can schedule your turn-on and turn-off using your phone.
  • Take note? Your wifi lighting can work with both Alexa and Google home – giving you the ability to turn lighting on/off by your voice command. What comments can you share?

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vacation home security

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Moving blinds up and down


  • Experts say to keep window blinds closed while of vacation – you don’t want to give burglars the opportunity to peer into your home for valuables.
  • Makes sense – but closed blinds accompanied with no activity around the home says you are away from the home.
  • With wifi motorized blinds, you can open and close the blinds whereever you happen to be. Keeps the burglars guessing on whether someone is home or not.
  • You may want motorized blinds anyway: They come in handy when blinds can be scheduled to close and open during both summer (hot) days and winter (cold) days. Can help save on home energy costs. What comments can you share?

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vacation home security

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Adding home security


  • Your best home defense is a home security system – most burglars avoid homes with these systems.
  • And with wifi components, you can easily install a home security system before you leave on vacation.
  • You can connect the system to a monitoring service that jumps into action if any sensor is triggered – a nice feature when are away.
  • And why a home security system? Something that will come in handy when you return from vacation. It’s a system that protects your home while at work, out shopping and anytime you are away from the home. What comments can you share?

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vacation home security

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Last item – web cams


  • You can install web cams on the outside of your home – inside your home – and at your doorbell.
  • And you can view these cams no matter where you are – and if you there is something amiss, invite your neighbor to inspect by letting them into your home using your wifi deadbolt.
  • Keep it recorded! another advantage with web cams is the recording feature in the unlikely event of a bugularization or package theft at your front door. You can provide the recording to authorities as they investigate the incidence. Just another way to protect your home and family. What comments can you share?

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