Use the BLOC to Finance Home Improvement

finance home improvement

Use an award credit card to make purchases:

use an award credit card to fund home improvement such as supplies, materials, decor and other.

Also check whether the contractor accepts credit cards for payment. Many contractors do, so use your card whenever possible.

Use your card to build up rebate points that can be redeemed for whatever you choose.

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finance home improvement

Use your BLOC to pay off your card balance:

almost all award cards give you a 25-day grace period. So that is 25 days of FREE money.

When the card balance is due, pay it all off using your bank equity. The balance on your bank equity will decrease as you deposit and hold discretionary income into the bank equity account

view how this option may work: see slide demo

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finance home improvement

Shop your bank equity product:

download the bank equity specifications sheet. It will highlight what you need for the bank equity program to work. If the lender doesn't offer some the features, go with another lender:

download the bank equity specifications sheet
shop your BLOC among lenders

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finance home improvement

Associated Costs for Home Improvement

Contractor Service:
cost for the work performed by a professional builder or home improvement contractor.

Supplies and Materials:
cost for the materials and supplies used in home improvement; i.e., windows, wall paper, flooring, etc.

Architectural Design:
drafting or layout of the home improvement project including specifications.

cost for independent inspections on the home improvement project

Permit Fees:
costs to government agencies for permits and other zoning variances and/or requirements

Other Related Expenses:
any other expense that can be identified to complete your home improvement project

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