ideas: Bump Proof Locks – Understanding How Viable These are?

Bump Proof Locks – Understanding How Viable These are?

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bump proof locks

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Keeping your home secured


  • Burglars have always worked around new ways to pick locks but of late, latest bump keys have made it easier for them to pick through most kind of locks. Bump proof locks are therefore, becoming so popular of the features and security.
  • The concept of bump proof locks is that such locks cannot be opened with bump keys. When used cleverly, locking systems can actually be foolproof.
  • The best bump proof locks can be of the digital or traditional types. However, they warrant you peace of mind and help you build a security system that is almost full proof.

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bump proof locks

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Digital locks


  • These are actually bump proof locks given that these come with keyless feature. If there is no hole or slot to bump through, then sure the lock stands as bump proof. These locks need physical number or password entry for allowing you to open the same.
  • Similar locks can be found, that operate on Bluetooth or even Wi-Fi or cloud based control options. These are bump proof locks that can be operated through remotes from a certain area range.
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bump proof locks

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Keyless Locks


  • Keyless locks are bump proof but better still are the lock that comes with an odd shaped key. These kind of locks make for a great buy and can actually come across as so tough to tamper, like you never imagined.
  • Bump free locks are growing popular because home insurance schemes are growing more stringent and are being framed keeping in mind compliance of all associated security systems in an area or even home. Make sure before you buy bump proof locks for home, you check up the compliance related information. Non-compliant locking systems will never get sanction despite having coverage done.
  • Bump proof locks also need to be pick resistant. Discuss with a locksmith about what are the best options in bump proof locks for your home.
  • Earlier, you could wait to get the right locking system. Today, thanks to so much burglary prevalent, it is best to ever delay such stuff. What is more is that bump proof locks cost little more than usual lever locks but offer an assurance of good protection.

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bump proof locks

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Biometric locks


  • Biometric bump proof locks too are doing their business in offices and commercial places rounds these days. As the name suggests these locks need to be managed with your biometric details such as the iris or fingerprint.
  • Every member of the family or the employees will have to register biometric details on a device first. This will then be synced with the bump proof locks to get the fingerprint registered.
  • Check for the type of bump proof locks available. If in confusion, consult locksmiths to understand the functionality and the viability of each type. Before buying a lock, always search for the suitable bump proof locks. These will last for years to come and will also give you mental peace that everything is on order back home.
  • Bump proof locks secure up a home or office when used rightly in conjunction with other bits of the system. Workplaces too can be made secure and bump proof locks are best managed ways to ensure security


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bump proof locks

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Summing up


  • Depending on your budget, go ahead and pull up the best bump proof locks for your needs. You may want to invest in bump proof locks that cone with Bump Guard.
  • This is one type of technology that allows proper maximization in using the lock. Make sure you know what type works best before making a buy.

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