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  • The importance of safety in your home:

    the last thing you want is a child gaining access to a gun that is not properly stored or supervised. One of three American homes with kids maintain guns in the home. And among children, the majority (89%) of unintentional shooting deaths occur in the home.

  • Most of these deaths occur when children find and begin playing with a loaded gun during their parent’s absence.
  • INFO: gun violence: facts and statistics
    INFO: children and gun safety: what to know and do
  • Store your gun safely:

    If you have firearms in your home, you need to properly store your guns safely regardless if you have children or not. Gun should be stored in a secure safe and/or trigger locked to prevent accidental discharge. It is vital that you teach your children to treat firearms with respect and proper handling.

  • Perhaps you don’t have children in the home, but your friends and other family members who come for a visit may have children. What a sorry tragedy it will become if one of these children accidentally found or gained access to a loaded gun!
  • You must also consider the risk if a significant other or spouse struggles with suicidal tendencies. Or you, your spouse or a family member has anger issues. Consider your situation and secure your firearms appropriately.
  • INFO: 6 ways to safely store your firearms
    INFO: safe storage: project child safety
  • Safety minded approach to handling firearms:

    All firearm accidents in this country (and the world for that matter) could be avoided by following these four simple rules:

    • —    ALWAYS treat a gun as if it’s loaded:
      this means not to play with it, ever. A gun is a dangerous tool and should be treated with respect at all times.
    • —   NEVER point the muzzle of the gun where you shouldn’t:
      at anyone or anything to which you don’t intend to cause serious harm. Don’t point it at your friends; don’t point it at your family; and don’t point it at yourself.
    • —   ALWAYS know your target:
      and what is beyond it. When you are ready to fire a weapon, consider what is down range of your target. Do you have a backstop that will stop the bullet? Could you cause unintentional harm by firing your weapon in the direction you intend?
  • INFO: firearms safety — 10 rules of safe gun handling
    INFO: handgun grips: what works, what doesn’t
Final Observation:

As a gun owner, safety is priority #1 in storing and handling your gun in and outside of your home. Be responsible, safe, and well trained. If you are a new gun owner, or are considering purchasing a firearm and have any questions at all, get the training you need to safely secure and use your firearm.

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