photos: Helping Your Children Learn How to Cook

Helping Your Children Learn How to Cook

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children cooking skills

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Children cooking skills – life development


  • Cooking is an art – but it is also for survival – especially when you need to cut meal costs and eat more nutritiously.
  • The problem is that many of our children are growing up not knowing anything about cooking and meal preparation.
  • They have to learn by trial-and-error – or in many case, supplement their eating needs with fast or prepared foods.
  • So as a parent, you need to take time to teach your children the basics of cooking. It will help them understand how to eat properly and appreciate the art of cooking.
  • Staying healthy It’s referred as the college freshmen 15 – meaning that college freshmen gain anywhere from 7-15 pounds during their first year of college. Most of it is because of poor eating habits. And this weight gain can continue onward as student and graduates turn to processed foods to supplement their diets:
    info: The Freshman 15: A Myth Exposed!
    So teaching your kids to cook will help them appreciate the need for home meals that are nutritous and healthy – and these are skills that will pass onto their children. What comments can you share?

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children cooking skills

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Place to begin your first lesson


  • A first great start in teaching your children cooking skills – teach them to fry up an egg.
  • Of course, this would be for children who are old enough to understand and respect heat sources.
  • But under adult supervision, they can learn the basics of fried and cooked foods.
  • Why the egg? Because there is much that can be taught. Start with a fried egg and then move to scrambled eggs. And once they master that, you can then teach them the concept of an omelet – that requires egg, milk, cut vegetables, sliced meat and seasoning. A first good lesson on managing ingredients in a fried situation.
    What comments can you share?


    egg frying panegg omelet pan

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children cooking skills

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Next lesson is pasta cooking and making


  • You need to teach them how to make pasta – followed by other grains and tubulars such as rice, potatos, and beans
  • The secret of cooking pasta is added the pasta only when the water is at full boil:
    INFO: how to cook perfect pasta
  • Rice and potato can be added before the water boils – something they need to know about cooking grains and tubulars that only you can teach.
  • Pasta will serve them well in the years to come Pasta is an easy meal – simply cook the pasta and add your favorite pasta sauce. A skill they can teke with them when they go to college. So teach them about the varying makes of pasta and what sauces are best for each. What comments can you share?info: view pasta types and sause

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children cooking skills

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Are they ready for the spices?


  • Your children need to be at a good level of cooking before introducing them to spices and herbs.
  • In fact, you probably need a lesson on the varying spice types and uses.
  • So why not make this a combined lesson and cooking experimentation – both parent and child trying out new spices, herbs and oils.
  • The secret of spices Some of the best cooks in the world know exactly what spice to uss. It is the spices, herbs, salts, and varying sweetners that convert a bland dish into something special. So consider this one valuable lesson for both parent and knowing herbs and spices in food preparation
    What comments can you share?

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children cooking skills

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Before they leave home –


  • Teach them baking skills – such as, making home cakes, scatch bread, dinner rolls, pastries, etc.
  • These homemade breads are much better for you than the perservative breads you buy – and the cost, only a fraction of the cost.
  • Easy bread-making tools Bread making is much easier than when grandma made bread. You can find kitchen appliances that knead the bread and even cook it. All you need is to add ingredients from a favorite receipe. Let’s your kids try it – before you know it, they may become a master baker.


    bread mixerbread maker machine

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