ideas: Inside the Kitchen: Items That Help You Cook (part 2)

Inside the Kitchen: Items That Help You Cook (part 2)

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kitchen items

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It’s all in the tools


  • Cooking! It’s an art. But it is also the tools we have that help us get the job done.
  • We are referring to kitchen utility tools – the strainer – squeezer – masher – separators – timers and more:
    INFO: list of kitchen utility tools
  • These are simple tools that make the work easier and with precision.
  • So check out your kitchen drawer – are you missing anything that will help you become a more efficient cook.
  • Question? Do you need all of these tools? It depends on your level of cooking experience. If you like to cook from scratch, some of these tools can help speed up the preparation time. For example, a simple knife can pare an apple for a pie. But an apple peeler can get the work completed faster – taking the monotonous steps away from preparation. What comments can you share?

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kitchen items

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The cooking pot


  • Cookwares that include pots and pans have evolved over time into some interesting cooking advances:
    INFO: evolution of cookware: history and innovation
  • Today you will find technological designs that make you wonder which is the best cookware for your needs:
    INFO: cookwarebuying guide
  • The challenge you have is to have the right set of cookware for frying – roasting – boiling and more:
    INFO: see list below
  • What type of cookware Skillets are for frying and searing foods. Use stock pots for making broth and boiling potatoes, for example. The sauce pan is used for boiling, steaming vegetables, making sauces and much more – it’s the workhorse of the kitchen cookwares. What comments can you share?

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kitchen items

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Let’s go baking


  • Baking is one of the greatest cooking inventions ever – especially when we evolved from just plain bread to cakes and pastries.
  • The production of bread goes back thousands of years – with the discovery of using yeast and the chemistry of baking soda:
    INFO: history of bread making
  • And from the mastering of bread came the experimentation of using oils, sugars and other sweetners to produce cakes and other favorite baking items that we enjoy today.
  • What kind of bakeware At first thought, you have bread pans. Then there are cupcake pans – pie pans – springform pans – pizza pans and all kinds for every favorite baking item you can think of:
    INFO: view the bakeware list below What comments can you share?

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kitchen items

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For cutting …


  • You need to have that sharp kitchen knife for cutting – dicing – and slicing meats, vegetables and breads.
  • You can find all kinds of knives for any particular food preparation – meat knives – paring knifes – bread knives – and so forth:
    INFO: learn the different types of knives
  • The challenge is how to properly use kitchen knives to master the cooking techniques:
    INFO: 25 knives, 47 knife Skills
  • Watch out – they can be sharp Your best kitchen knives are sharp knives. So as you can slice meat nicely, you can also slice a finger. So handle any knife with care. That any kitchen knife – can you identify them?
    INFO: view list of kitchen knives below What comments can you share?

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kitchen items
kitchen items

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And now for the timers


  • Why? Because every cooking and baking item requires timing in the cooking process.
  • It the old days, it was the hourglass. Then we developed the tick-tick timer. Today, we have home assistance like Alexa to keep multiple timers depending on what you are preparing for tonight.
  • Alexa and Google Home These home devices are perfect for kitchens. You can assign multiple timers for cooking or just a reminder – plus instruct the assistant to look up a receipe, find a radio station, order ingredients, or make a phone call. Of course, they are not very helpful in doing the cooking. What comments can you share?

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