photos: More Healthy Eating – With More Fruits and Vegetables

More Healthy Eating – With More Fruits and Vegetables

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heathly eating

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So you are looking at healthy eating


  • It is what your mother had said all along, “eat your vegetables”. And now studies show that a healthy intake of fruits and vegetables can help us live more productive and positive lifestyles.
  • True everyone of us are genetically different; so the kind of diet that impacts one person may not have the same impact on another. But if you like to experience weight loss, a better immune system, lower cholesterol, healthy bones and gut, then an increase intake of fruits and vegetables is an easy way to have overall better health.
  • QUESTION? What are the health benefits of a diet of fruits and vegetables:

    INFO: the nutrition source: vegetables and fruits
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heathly eating

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what do you see in this picture?


  • You see a nice, tasty breakfast bowl of nutritional value rather than a plain bowl of cereal that offers nothing but carbohydrates and sugars.
  • This example starts with your favorite yogart – topped with bits of raw oatmeal and slices of strawberries – you could probably add a few more slices. This is a simple change to your diet that will make you feel healthy and better about yourself. No more sloppy cereals or sugar bars that don’t do anything but make you gain weight.
  • QUESTION? where can I find recipes for these nutritional breakfast bowls?

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heathly eating

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Pressed for time …


  • Simply take your favorite vegetables and “extract” them into a juice drink that can be made the evening before for a quick, nutritous beverage before you run off to work or school.
  • There is a secret to juicing vegetables in order to make them taste good – that is by adding differents fruits to sweetnen up the juice. There are plenty of receipes that you can find that include all of the key vegetables and fruits for a highly nutritious drink.
  • QUESTION? what juice blends taste the best and easy to make?

    INFO: 8 easy juice recipes | juicer recipes

    juicer machinejuicing bottles

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heathly eating

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Are you nuts???


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heathly eating

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Becoming a vegetarian?


  • Then the vegetarian food pyramid is very important to follow to ensure you get ample amounts of protein and other nutriants often associated with consuming meat products.
  • The key to a healthy vegetarian lifestyle is avoiding sugars – eating whole grains – execising daily – and adding an ample supply of nutrients. If fact, this is also wise council for meat consuming diets as well – that is why your mom was right – eat your vegetables.
  • QUESTION? so what’s need to live a vegetarian lifestyle?

    INFO: vegetarian diet: how to get the best nutritionINFO: vegetarian recipes
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