Remodeling Savings Tip$$$

save $$$ on home remodeling costs

Learn how to save thousands when
remodeling your home:

  • Contains dozens of money saving and convenience tips.
  • This book is specifically written for home construction. But if you are looking to do a major home renovation or addition, it is a helpful guide to protect you from unnecessary costs and hassles. Protect your investment.
  • Also contains important healthy building tips that will help you remodel a  healthier house.  This is especially important information for those with allergies or other chronic illnesses.

avoid costs when buying a model home

Why pay full price?

  • Cost Savings Strategies, Peace-of-Mind Advice. Don't get stuck with defects after your close on your newly, built home.
  • An Industry Veteran throws open the doors and reveals closely guarded inside information.
  • Level the playing field and put yourself in control to protect you from getting fleeced by your builder.

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